This site is currently sitting archived. Unfortunately, The CUFC leaped out of the gate too fast and large to sustain itself. We need volunteers to continue on with CUFC. Please contact if you would like to join the CUFC and keep it going. Thank you.

Christians United For Christ is seeking staff.

We are looking for volunteers as well as paid staff. All Volunteer and Full-Time Staff are by default Members of CUFC.

Requirements Of Membership:
-Follow and Live by the Word of God
-Follow all rules and regulations of the CUFC
-Believe in the mission and beliefs of the CUFC
-Show respect towards one another
-Report any issues to the CUFC founders

Note: Currently paid staff is on a strictly commission-only pay base. As we grow hourly wages and full-time positions will be available.

Types Of Membership:
Volunteer- Will help with campaigns and research when available. (See also ‘Volunteer Staff’ below)

Staff- The body of the CUFC. Must be devoted to God and CUFC. Will have assigned tasks. See positions listed below

Support Member- No assigned task. Help with what they can when they can. Help spread the word of our organization and causes. Help with the growth, management, and other areas (as arise). Participate based on your schedule, no assigned schedule, with a minimum of 5hrs/wk.

Positions Available:
We are looking for bloggers, tweeters, State Leaders, County Leaders, City Chapter Leaders, Campaign Organizers, Volunteer Staff.

Bloggers/Tweeters – Post campaign updates and news/cases revolving around our campaigns to the website, twitter, facebook. Recruit via social media.

State Leaders – Will oversee all activity in your state and report to the CUFC founders.

County Leaders – Will oversee all activity in your county and report to your States Leader and CUFC founders.

City Chapter Leaders – Will oversee your chapter and report to your County and State Leaders as well as the CUFC founders.

Campaign Organizers – you will be responsible for coming up with ideas for new campaigns. Once the CUFC board approves of a campaign, you will then contact your City Chapter Leaders, County Leaders and State Leader to organize the campaign as best you can. You will also contact the Bloggers/Tweeters of the campaign information so that they may spread the word and recruit for the cause online.

Volunteer Staff – You are to put in as many hours as your schedule permits to help your local City Chapter organize, promote, and spread any campaign in the local area. You must make yourself available on the day and time (providing your work schedule permits, do not leave work and risk being fired) of any and all rallies, protests, etc. in your local area.

All staff MUST abide by CUFC rules and regulations. All State and County leaders must report to CUFC at a minimum of once per month. All City Chapter Leaders must report in to there county leader at a minimum of once per month. All County Leaders must report in to State leaders at a minimum of once per month. Communication is key. Without open and constant communication causes and organizations fail.

If you are interested in a position/membership please message Rev. Dr. Red via Twitter: @TheRevDrRed or email

Please include your Name, Church/Denomination affiliation, Age, City/State, position seeking/type of membership, and preferred schedule.
Include the following information if applicable:
Position in your Church, Organization affiliations, Position in organization(s) (if applicable)

Note: At this time CUFC is a strict non-profit, non-incorporated, grassroots organization. There are currently NO Membership-Fees. However, if you would like to place a donation in support, please contact us via Twitter and one of the founders will direct you in how to place a donation.

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