Christianity in America

Christianity in America
By Rev. Dr. Red

Its being stated that Christianity is at an all time low in America. Granted these statistics are coming from biased news media agencies, to a certain extent I agree and to another I don’t.

I disagree because Christianity, including all denominations, is still the largest faith group in America. Though Islam and Atheism is on the rise and Christianity is unfortunately on the decline among Americans between the ages of 18 – 30. You can find a Church almost everywhere. In my area there is a Church on every street corner, literally. Some Churches are packed out, others not. In my time as a Pastor I have seen plenty of people turn to Christ. Christianity is still alive and well, regardless of how the mainstream media tries to portray the faith.

However, I agree with the claim because more and more Christians are accepting an increasingly watered-down version of Christianity and are using an increasingly watered-down Bible as they come out. Pastors are increasingly preaching a watered-down Christianity to keep their Church packed.

Yes, Pastors get paid by the congregants much like a business owners paycheck comes from customers. However, to sway from Truth for the mighty dollar is not what Christ commanded nor would He condone such an act.

People believe they need these “easier-to-read” Bibles because they have been brainwashed the KJV is too hard to read. Pick-up a traditional, authorized version of the KJV and skim through it. You will be amazed at how many phrases used today were first used thousands of years ago and are in the Bible.

While Christianity continues to be the largest faith in America, soon enough mainstream media’s claim that Christianity no longer has a hold on America will be true. Why? As stated above more and more people are leaving the Church between the ages of 18-30. This is primarily because their not being spiritually fed by the Pastor and/or the Pastor stopped preaching Truth for a more watered-down politically-correct variation of Christianity. People want to know the real God, the true Jesus. They want to know their Pastor is a leader, not a follower. They want answers, not repetive rhetoric. And from my personal experience growing up in the Church, they want to feel welcome and alive, not be so bored listening to a mono-tone 2hr long sermon that puts them to sleep.

Pastors need to be strong in their stance with Christ. Pastors need to understand that being a good leader will anger some, but they’ll appreciate the honesty and will return. People don’t want to be put to sleep. People don’t want to be spoken to as children and forced to deal with “God said so” as an end-all response. People want an explanation. People do not want to be told they cannot be saved.

If Christianity is going to survive this constant onsluaght and bigotry a few things must be done:
1) Pastors need to stand firm with Christ. Stop giving into govt and political-correctness.
2) Stop leading people to believe they cannot be saved. Explain to them what exactly and why God doesn’t like what it is they are doing. Then be there for them every step of the way. Help them along in their walk with Christ.
3) Christians must let their pastors know when they are going astray and demand them return to the Word of God.
4) Pastors if you choose the politically-correct road for funding, not only are you leading people away from Christ, your condemning yourself to Hell. Rather than cave into political-correctness, have a few fundraisers. Explain to your congregation your problems. Ask them for help.
If your going politically-correct simply out of fear of the govt shutting you down, un-incorporate. You do not need incorporation status for tax-exemption.
5) Christians must stick together. Stop this belief your denomination is the true or only denomination. The only true Church is that of Jesus Christ that He created. Help each other out. Standby your Pastor if he’s being assaulted by the govt or atheist organizations.
6)Most importantly preach the Gospel. Pastor or not, we were all called to preach the Gospel to the world. Teach your family, friends, and co-workers about Christ. Invite them to your Church. If your Church went astray, bring them back to Christ. If they’re too resistant after a few attempts, leave and find a Church where you feel Gods presence.

Only if we stand together and stand firm in Truth and stay on our walk with Jesus, can this nation be saved.


About Rev. Dr. Red
I'm the Founder and Sr. Pastor of Spiritual Messiah Ministries, Health Enthusiast, Fisherman, and Small Business Owner. I'm passionate about helping others any way I can. I hope to help as many as I can lead a happier, healthier, fulfilling life. This began with my ministry, and has since expanded into a complete wellness movement.

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