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Welcome to the OFFICIAL site for Christians United For Christ.

This site is currently sitting archived. Unfortunately, The CUFC leaped out of the gate too fast and large to sustain itself. We need volunteers to continue on with CUFC. Please contact SpiritualMessiahMinistries.org if you would like to join the CUFC and keep it going. Thank you.

CUFC was founded as an answer to the urgency of America returning to God and Christians uniting as one.

We are a non-profit grassroots organization.

So long as you agree with our cause, agree to follow our rules and regulations, and are Christian; you may join the CUFC team. If you are interested in joining us please contact us via Twitter: @CUForChrist; Rev. Dr. Red via Twitter @TheRevDrRed; Melanie via Twitter @takestoolong2

Additional info is on the ‘About Us’ page. More information will be provided as we grow and expand.

ATTN: We are currently looking for State, County, City/Town leaders.

We are seeking contributors of cases, news, etc. CUFC cannot move forward without you.

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